4 star view – green eyes close testo

attendere prego...

you wore a blue sweater and a rainbow scarf
you said i was different, you knew if from the start
i’ve never been one for blondes, but i feel a change coming on

we were waltzing in my room
right before we spooned
jaime please, don’t say you have to leave

went out for pasta and a beer
never thought we’d find our way out here
movie’s on, but we don’t watch
another chance for us to talk

it’s cold outside, there’s frost on the car
it’s not a long drive, but it seems so d+mn far
when i don’t want to watch you go
come on, and stay a little longer with me, ms. malone
i want to watch your green eyes close

i don’t kiss on a first date, but i guess that rule can break
oh, jaime, please, just stay a little longer with me

- 4 star view testo

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