4 star view – ginnungagap testo

attendere prego...

and i have watched fairies fly across the void of night
ahead of me the stars all shine, below me i find the sky
and gravity has lost its touch beyond the atmosphere
somewhere between joy, fear, and such i feel a lonesome tear

those luminous fairies dance like flashes in my eyes
not so much sleep as a trance in the sleep station’s confines
they’re likely subatomic dust from a distant dying star
and soon i’m going back, i trust to where my kith and kin are

the frosty glow and streaks of light look down from on high
until i launch again sometime, i know they’re standing by

i’m on my way to the promised land
heaven, hold me in your hand
to the ocean, like the river jordan
home, home, home, carry me home
hallelujah, hallelu, with science and faith carrying me home

- 4 star view testo

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