4 star view – even ghosts cry testo

attendere prego...

i spray on your favorite cologne even though
there was no chance of turning you on, i know
trying too hard just leaves us miserable, but i’m
slow to learn and slower to grow up

pass me the blame and say the thoughts aren’t clear
say it wouldn’t happen in a million tears
accusations are piling up here
resurfacing all of your fears

bugs are digging deep into your skin, and you go
out of your way to never let me in, even though
you feel detached, don’t remember where you’ve been, please don’t
turn away and claim that this is sin

in my room i still see your face, and a ghost
of someone who once lived in this place, long ago
and memories will not her leave, i know
she’s here, watching as i sleep
lying here underneath the sheet, over me
a night light might not slightly turn to white, where’s the
one who used to cling to my shoulder blades and
moan and scream and tell me it’s ok
it’s not ok

this house is no mansion, though it’s got a few stories
and each one it tells about how it fell
everyone it tells how they failed

- 4 star view testo

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