4 star view – ducks on the lake testo

attendere prego...

good evening, katie and could you please place your hand in mine
only for a minute or two
among this crowded room a see a tapestry of you glowing bright
from the light of a quarter moon

and i confess, when we met, i wasn’t at my best
but you saw past to the lightning in my chest
you’re amazing, brave, and smart with a racing brain and artist’s heart
it’s such a shame to cut this short and head back home
but the pedestal you’re placed on has only grown

if only for a day, we’d count the ducks by the lake
recounting histories of lost empires gone by
a lonely simple wish of mine might be, and this sounds right
to say to you good morning, afternoon, and goodnight

although my mind was shattering, you thought it all was flattery
the closing bell’s sound k!lled the hopes for one more round
you’re amazing, brave, and smart with an eager brain and marquee heart
memorize your eyes and mesmerizing smile and unique style
wonderful as you are, you’ll go far
i’m kicking myself when i am down
i should have turned that car around
i would post decrees under your crown
instead, i hope to see you around
katie, you’re such an intriguing lady
who’d’ve thought that a few hours on some solitary night
would lead to this, a friendly forehead kiss
everything i learn of you is something new for me to like
although i hope our paths cross again
i’m lucky to have met you in my life

- 4 star view testo

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