4 star view – crashing testo

attendere prego...

the wheels come off as the glass
shatters on my head
and i’m done with the road
done with the things you said
this gurney is my own made up bed
don’t sleep where you bled

the rain is sl!ck where pavement meets gravel
connecting threads once strong now unravel
friends stood firm but now fallen into rivals
tectonic slips and breaking waves have gone tidal

the glass spreads in piles with small pebbles
peculiar lights dangling free, wires and metal
puddles ripple whеre the fluids found unlevеl
ground to travel before finding a home to settle

all we feel are the broken little bones
bruised and replaced where the guilt starts to grow
the world succumbs to the violent red tint
broken mirrors, splintered hopes
hear the sirens approaching
there’s nothing here to believe
as the world keeps encroaching
written clearly in the tea leaves
buckled and broken in the seat
i can’t bear the burden it leaves
the heat holds back, conversion bleeds

- 4 star view testo

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