4 star view – closing time waltz testo

attendere prego...

i’m scared to death that i’ll live through this
i’ve waited patiently for you to wake up choking on last night’s dinner
been lacing your drinks with drain cleaner

i wish i had you in my veins and coursing through this corpse you made
and finding traces of a lonely lost mind or resuscitating all my vital signs
so, wake me up before last call
recurring words heard just before the fall

every step, the hill gets steeper, window shopping was so much cheaper
you’re caught and stuck in your own ways
strategic plans of being two+faced, between the lines in double+sp+ce

i wish i had you in my gut to winch me out of this rut
and help me out with a terrible choice
a screaming heart or a silent voice

crowd shuffles to the closing time waltz, i crawl and stumble up and down the hall
lose my balance and smack my head against the wall
pour your head out and forget it all

i wish i had you on my lips, i wouldn’t be alone getting lit
just a bullet point on your laundry list
fired from a pistol that broke your wrist
just one more, i know it’s after last call
ease me down, just before i fall
i wish i had you in my face to jump with me and fall from grace
we can become mud in the fertile soil, leaving futile blood that begins to boil
relive the dreams, nightmares and all
blasphemous tongue and broken jaw
the heart that beats inside your wall
the time that dies as you stall
for eternities between last call
and summer days that always end in fall

- 4 star view testo

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