4 star view – christmas this year 2020 testo

attendere prego...

these songs and this scenery
the tree and the greenery
an angel covered in lights
read from the bible
of a love that won’t stifle
and a child born on that night
take in the story
of birth, gore, and glory
that started under a star
trapped in our rooms
sealed up like old tombs
this year, no one’s going far
and there’s not enough whiskey
to drown out the missing
that seems to cut to the bone
poinsettia and holly
mistletoe folly
can’t white out this lonely with snow
this year, no ice skating
no suppers for plating
but right when you walk through thе door
rip that mask off your face
embrace by the firеplace
and kiss you lightly just like before
just like before
just like before

- 4 star view testo

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