4 star view – cedar grove days testo

attendere prego...

when i was young in the back yard i heard an orchestra through the trees
i was a child but much more mature. now i’m stuck here waiting for my ears to open

i’m k!lling myself; it’s mental suicide
just look at what i have become

this morning the sun leapt into the sky, sprinting it was so excited
tonight, i watched it crash into the ground. now i’m stuck here waiting for my eyes to open

i’m blinding myself, in darkness removed
just look at what i have gotten myself into

lying face up on the hill where i used to hide
watching the clouds caress my private plot of sky
and now the clouds are all grey and the sun is dead
these care+free days are gone, lost to trying to get ahead
is it worth it when the cost of living is death?
these meaningless things and death by caffeine
it’s not over yet until we’re dead
now we’re dead

- 4 star view testo

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