4 star view – cape cookie confessions testo

attendere prego...

he smiles at me with l+st in his eyes
the note with the key says room 205
he walks past the pool, i grab some food
he crosses the street through the maze of tv crews

i see your face frozen, alive
turn to the page with your wholesome bride
there’s room for me when you’re alone in the east
at the holiday inn, i’m at the cape colony

i met a columnist from the magazine
but he wrote me out, i didn’t fit the scene
he’s learned how to act, i keep tight lipped
he gets paid for the facts so long as they fit the script

we met at ramon’s on the top of the bank
pointed out the launch zone, i felt my heart sink
he was whiskey with ice, hands me a glass of wine
before we’re back in bed, i’m undressed to the nines

you have your picks, you and the other six
good girls need love, i just need my fix
and how many other girls are promised moon rocks with pearls
i can still taste your sweat on my skin
they’re counting down
you’re feeling distant
and i give her a look as i drive by
she’s not going back to houston until after you arrive
it seems that in my dreams i’m making room enough for three
but i don’t think you’re ever coming back
because the hatch, it didn’t blow unfortunately

- 4 star view testo

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