4 star view – calamine testo

attendere prego...

i am lost and can’t find my way back to broken
i’m spent, can’t stand
my whole world’s blown open
i can’t find the calamine lotion

a petri dish to hold our wish
the cells all mixed and hoping
someday soon we’ll rope the moon
once we leave this room and stop moping

an implant with a rope’s strand
holds its hands in surrender
can’t infect our mindset
and all the perfect we’ll remember
the nervous ticks of a lunatic
loses this grip i’ve been holding
reality, you and me
we’re happy, free, and golden

the hangman’s noose or the golden goose
it’s up to you, we just have to choose
the river runs and when it’s done
let’s be the raft still having fun
it’ll be the hope that we can’t lose

i am lost and working my way back to broken
i’m spent, can’t stand
my whole world’s blown open
but you cover me in calamine lotion
and i’ll cover you in calamine lotion
we’ll make the calamine lotion

- 4 star view testo

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