4 star view – bridesmaid testo

attendere prego...

dead weight, bullsh+t, i guess life’s what you make of it
bum luck, dim soul, i guess that’s how we lost control
distraught and faithless, recalibrate the populace
trip step, faux pas, years waiting for the fall

always the bride’s maid, never to wed
always the pallbearer, never the dead
try to take what we’ll never get
it’s best to get used to it
so get used to it

vulgar, annoying, exasperate your closest friends
cold heart broken, too hard not to offend
soulless lost cause, it’s everyone else’s fault
i’ll have no one to spread my ashes when i’m gone

superfluously oblivious
i thought you would have learned this
you’re every child that had a wish
transformed into a pessimist

you’re every child that had a wish

- 4 star view testo

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