4 star view – back testo

attendere prego...

let’s meet tonight at the cul de sac and leave everything we know behind
drive toward some peace of mind
because our god’s failed us one too many times
who would have thought i was so naïve
that i would trust you and fall for anything
tonight is for running, we won’t look back
it’s a forewarning off the beaten path

every night we wake up in the mist of the same dream
p+wn off the return tickets to back where we came from
fed up with all this habit and routine
together we’ll keep moving further from here

meet tonight at the runway and watch the planes taking off
elevation’s sick, we feel the pr+ck
of needles as we roll back and we cough
all we believed in fades to delusion
search for acceptance, finding seclusion
tonight is for running we won’t lose track
of the forewarning with the end on our backs

every once in a while, it seems so childish
and we can’t take it
the place that we know, we think of in our sleep
but it’s not where you want to be
where do you want to be?
further from here with me?

- 4 star view testo

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