4 star view – aurora rises testo

attendere prego...

a parting gift heard through whispered lips
fingers trace the sp+ce between a fabled tryst
enhance the trance woven by nature’s strands
a bloom that’s doomed to never exist

the nausea of monotony, unveil your spell, so unfaltering
perhaps, raise your glass, and whatever comes to pass
we’ll know that the cup is always full

in the northwestern portion of the southeastern state
an aurora rises and shimmers in the lake
electrons dance in the magnetosphere
take my hand as the lights draw us near
as we leave, try not to grind the gears

come with me and we’ll go down to the park
there’s a milkman selling coffee and some homemade art
birds sing the words that are better left unheard
and a note that lingers from the singer’s heart

awkward pause and heartfelt cause
water falls over flaws as time begins to stall
cassandra’s finding answers to questions never asked
as i bask in the fixating awe

aurora’s descending, upending dark matter
pretending and sending strands out in waves of clatters
the isotopes and higher hopes like fraying ropes
lighting our eyes like blood heliotropes
as we leave, we find the world’s flatter
we cloak ourselves in alternate realities
hiding from h+llfire and artificiality
underneath green lights hanging so mysteriously
labyrinthine limerent overhaul
the cure+all for the heart’s caterwaul
such a wealth a wisdom at the age of twenty+eight
sorry i kept you out so late

- 4 star view testo

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