4 star view – absent daylight savings testo

attendere prego...

favorite girl from arkansas feels so short to be six foot tall
you’re gonna be alright, because i’m here by your side
arizona boy done broke your heart, you’re still crying and it’s all his fault
baby, i’m on my way, i’m sitting on that plane

these summer days don’t seem so long
we’ve got each other, we’ve gotta hold on
you’ll forget all the other boys in time
we’ll pick up the pieces and drive

it’s been years and i see you’ve grown
somehow your arms still feel like home
you’re gonna be alright, because i’ve got a few more nights
throw your troubles over the edge
into a grand canyon sunset
baby, please dry your tears, because i am finally here

drive down route 66
forget all the time we missed
continue where we left off
that desert moon tucked into your arms
would you hang it for me one last time?
we’ll pick up the pieces and drive

- 4 star view testo

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