4 star view – a florida cracker christmas testo

attendere prego...

dear mr. santy claus i’m writing you because my family recently moved
you won’t have to go through feet of snow to find your feet on my roof
we don’t have a chimney, maybe i can hide a key outside in my beach shoes
i can’t wait, and that’s the truth

for a christmas wish, i don’t need a gift because i’ve got my family here
full of love and cheer

and mr. santy claus, please look past my flaws because lord knows i really tried
only been grounded twice, and learned something both times, then quickly apologized
i poured you orange juice, fresh fruit and chowder soup to help quell your appetite
it’s kind of warm here, dress light

for a christmas tree, a palm sways in the breeze covered in flamingo lights
it’s a jolly sight

oh, and santy, p.s., do reindeer like sand, you guess? or maybe they’d prefer the port?
we’re sitting on the tailgate, up late playing in wait for the next norad report
we took out the crèche, played checkers and chess, then built a blanket fort
time before bed is running short

for a christmas dream, sugar plums and spiced tang tea, gingerbread men running around
swimsuits and flip flops on the ground
in the parade through town

- 4 star view testo

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