4 star view – a brave man reposes in death testo

attendere prego...

jimmy, you’re daddy’s dying
the law’s done took him in
won’t let him see the doctor
until you come in for questioning

lord, we’ve had a good run
made so much money too fast
some things just aren’t meant to last

we lived faster than the trains we took
we’re more bitter than our drinks
smile brighter than the coins we count
and leave in bar room sinks

wanted in several states
but several is not my goal
let’s take them all or wind up in hole

pinkerton’s not far behind
the williamson county bank
we got tobacco in our pocket
and rangers on our flanks

lord, we’ve had a good run
made so much money too fast
some things just aren’t bound to last
if a man knows anything, he ought to die with it in him
because this world’s a bubble, wherever you go there’s trouble
i still hear soapy screaming, “i think you got him!”

- 4 star view testo

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