4 star view – 7 years bad luck testo

attendere prego...

retrace the minutes, come turn back the clock
we’ll be ok as soon as we stop
when the wind’s breathing quietly the stories not told
and the birds are all screaming and it’s getting old
for over three months, it’s been nothing but rain
august is coming, there is no time for pain
if you come in closer now, we could live forever
with these postcard reminders to rewrite love letters

everything is different except you and me (on and off you change the way you feel)
so let’s make our plans to give up eventually (call it quits and play the field and we’ll give up eventually)
but for right now i won’t take less than your word

you tried to avoid them but you can’t forget
all the shared distractions, all the lost steps
when we’re chasing a future we make for ourselves
we lay all the obvious to die on the shelf
sins stain the sheets where we used to lay
tomorrow’s not bright, but neither is today
so let’s paint our emotions on these bathroom walls
and ask all the questions that lead to our fall

for right now i won’t take less that your word

accusation premises
question mark lies
i can see better
after it dies
everything is different when it doesn’t matter
my mirror’s been broken, your world is shattered
if it doesn’t matter, just go (everything is different if we change the way we feel)
you would do nothing, you would not try (call it quits, let’s find out if it k!lls)
just go if that’s what you want
for right now i won’t take less than your world
then we’ll give up eventually

- 4 star view testo

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