4 out of 5 doctors – mushroom boy testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
you say you love the light
but i love the dark
and you come with all of your sp+nk
but i’ve lost my spark
i spend my evenings at home
strapped to my chair

i am the mushroom boy
get me out of here

[verse 2]
those footsteps up above
begin their descent
they speak their love for me
want to be my friend
i know they only come down here
when something needs repair

they love their mushroom boy
get me out

fly with me angel blue
i’m thinking of you
fly with me angel blue
i’m thinking of you, of you
[verse 3]
you say i’m out of control
that i’ve come unhinged
but i’m out on sp+ce patrol
on a lunatic fringe
and when the men in white
ask for my name

call me the mushroom boy
but don’t rub it in

[verse 4]
you say the color’s white
but i say it’s black
and you say surrender
but i say attack
i know you only come down here
to see my mushroom cloud

mushroom boy
mushroom boy
mushroom boy

- 4 out of 5 doctors testo

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