4 out of 5 doctors – jeff, jeff testo

attendere prego...

[chorus 1]
jeff, jeff
say, what’s the news boy
what you got to say for yourself
i’ll tell you

[verse 1]
had a fight with my car and my girlfriend broke down
life’s just h+ll (ain’t it?)
we were parked on a cliff near the outskirts of town
i told her we were out of gas (out of gas, out of gas)

[chorus 2]
jeff, jeff
the old out of gas trick
use it on somebody else
oh, i will

[verse 2]
it’s been maximum fun since we turned seventeen
both our folks thought we did
even i hoped we would
‘member we’d meet at denny’s
for coke and ice cream
and i swore i’d never leave you
but i was young and that was then
[chorus 3]
jeff, jeff
now take what you want of me
but please don’t leave me by myself

in j+pan there’s a screaming room
lover’s leap, over the moon
don’t take me out with you
don’t take me out with you
a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do
john wayne nineteen fifty+two
don’t take me out with you
don’t take me out (look out, look out!)

jeff, jeff
the car off the cliff gag
use it on somebody else

- 4 out of 5 doctors testo

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