4 lil larry – tommy hilfiger testo

attendere prego...

i got b+tches overseas tommy hilfiger pants
when the f+ck did i buy these? (f+ck did i buy these?)
i don’t know but take em off, ass soft
i’m tryna squeeze, tommy hilfiger pants
shorty fried me said i’m cheap
i said right, you know me i like to
hold on to my green, one exception
for the hundreds, if they blue that’s cool with me
f+ck it ima come clean, i got b+tches overseas
tommy hilfiger pants couple thousand in my jeans

(hey, not reporting, she get deported if she come
she gettin boarded, tryna get that bread up quickly
i might buy this b+tch some all whites, i keep them all whites
took em too far, dirtied up, she’ll get em for me)

- 4 lil larry testo

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