4 lil larry – atlantic testo

attendere prego...


came ova once now she beggin to stay
hittin it right now she can’t get away/
i pour up da sip help me cope wit da pain
hate me or luv me sh+t 1 in da same/
i put in da work u won’t hear me complain u
can’t hate how it’s structured it’s part a da game/
im set to get wealthy don’t care bout no fame
mona lisa shorty head out da frame/

i’m playin 4 keeps if u get in my way
keep to myself n i stay in my lane/
keepin da peace but i keep me a piece all dat
sh+t out da window if somebody play/
quick wit da bl!cka like usain legs
been thru too much boy i mean what i say/
i come from dat block where u risk to get chop
if u playin both sides likе a lil boosie fade/

real as it gеt like i want u to be if we
on different spectrum connection is key/
u shinin too bright don’t be dimmin ya light
from da failure of others desire to see/
money be grindin fa me while i’m sleep
like da sh+t got a mouth dat be grindin its t++th/
watchin my moves like i be on tv
a list celeb nah ima regular g/
on toppa my business u better believe
i’m workin get dirty i roll up my sleeves/
a 1000 sum songs i complete unreleased
i might not do sales but my share can compete/
compositions in my catalog deep
push through da most y they see me da least/

ova off warwick was schemin n plottin was taxin dem dot heads to get me for a profit/
then somethin hit me like dis sh+t ain da wave took a step back i had then thought about it/
i use to do dirty business fa a dolla i clean my sh+t up now da polo get iron/
try to talk it proper when i had conversation but i couldn’t n no i’m not sorry/
i tried to talk proper when i had a conversation but i couldn’t n no i’m not sorry/

- 4 lil larry testo

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