4-khris – selfish testo

attendere prego...

yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
oooo uh
shawty keeps saying i’m playin
she think i’m playing these games
she said i’m stuck in my ways
back in my own selfish ways
she said don’t care about love
don’t care about nun
don’t care about heart
sucks that we almost apart
i just don’t know where to start
i cannot see in the dark
never brought light in my part
feels like i’m swimming with sharks
feels like i needa restart
been going through pain
been going insane
been going through shame
she think i’m selfish
i’m not really selfish
i just wanna see her change

but she won’t change a thing
don’t know what’s love
now i can’t feel a thing
i know you can’t help it
when a n+gga leave
you making sh+t tough
and it ain’t what it seems
my minds on go
my minds on green
to much to hold
way to many fold
yah outta pocket
just letting you know
sh+t getting hard
so i’m letting it blow blow blow

and i’m letting you know know know
letting you know know know
letting you know know

shawty act different
don’t why shawty she trippin
she mad cause i switch the positions
she mad cause the way that i’m living
she mad cause she see that i’m driftin
away from the pain and her vision
whatever want she ain’t gettin it
wanna see me up in vivid
some n+ggas want me up for prison
some n+ggas want me up for dead
i live through pain and the dread
really don’t know what is next
you say i’m selfish instead
never think about the rest
but all i want is the best
we gather so much to stress
always tryna give me less
do what you want but confess
never leave a hidden mess
shawty always hold a grudge
n+gga never knew wassup
n+gga always f+cking up

d+mn, but don’t know it now
i been living through some bullsh+t
can’t hold it down
i been in a solo road for a moment now
can you hear me now?
you can’t hear me out
this sh+t feeling like a slope
slowly going down
can’t repair me for the pain
it’s big amount
there’s this sh+t called love
hard to figure out
hard to figure out
hard to figure out
woah woah
i cannot do this no more
something we both can’t afford
leaving me with open doors
but i don’t know if you sure
say i need to insure
look at my eyes as it pours

no, oh

yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah yeah

- 4 khris testo

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