24hr video – weaponize (to conquer you) testo

attendere prego...

(thieves that tend to act alone
i thought i had under my thumb
sitting nervously at home
waiting for their day to come)

there’s something wrong, and i’m not quite sure what happened
i told myself i’d never fall in love again
but each and every single time
i go down too low and up too high
i can’t help but think that this isn’t me

you never had to try so hard
you had it once, but now it’s gone
anything you say or do
i’ll weaponize to conquer you
treat me right and you treat me wrong
never feel like i belong you
you will nеver be good enough for mе
so say goodbye to decency

i can see why
you may be angry
just take a step back
and look at your reflection

- 24hr video testo

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