21 lil harold – savage testo

attendere prego...


verse one:
imma slide
slide on my enemies, f+ck my opps
hunnid round drum, get you dropped
cause n+ggas in my city, yeah, they opps
you got a badge, and a pistol, you a cop (you is a rat)
i wish to see nothing ass b+tches, just leave me alone
im trying to move my like girls into a big home
i wish lil dee was still here to see me lit now
i know you proud of me n+gga, i’m on my sh+t now

interlude (21 savage):
johnny, that’s my best friend, he got k!lled on my birthday, that was october 22 20+13, right?
then my up, my little brother, tay man got k!lled march 19 2014
so really like man, f+ck this sh+t
getting them dimes back to back you feel me
trying to do some new sh+t so that when i start rapping

verse two:
i chop the city down with my bros
i never k!ll a n+gga bout no hoe
rule one never beef with a rat in the street
rule two stack your money if you got some smoke with me
rule three when you come outside n+gga keep your heat cause it’s summer here baby n+gga i was born in zone 3
yeah, sand raise me
i run them, bands, lately
i be a dumb ass fool to let these opps take me
(i keep my gun on me)
rest in peace my dawg, man this sh+t for life
rest in peace my dawg, man this sh+t for life
rip to my dawg, man this sh+t for life
long live my dawg man this sh+t for life
d+mn jamie gone now
d+mn man, larry, man he gone now
d+mn dlo gone now
d+mn man, my n+ggas ain’t coming home now

- 21 lil harold testo

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