1st verse – son shine testo

attendere prego...


it’s a rainy day here in tulsa, oklahoma
i hope the sun is shining on you and yours though


i woke up like ooh sh+t
today gon be the day
this call gon be the play
let it fly like it was all on me to make it
eager but wasn’t anxious
at ease, like i caught the ball deep in the paint
sp+ce to maneuver
put em on skates too
set the table on perimeter placing the shooters
with canons instead of rugers
before the footage made it to the hand computers
keep that good sh+t
edit out the d+mn bloopers
do this like we do it to go in syndication
and if them systems against us it’s infiltration
manning the station
i ain’t just talking, this a healthy ass relationship
that we gon make it sh+t
that relocation in divine timing
the kind that we had to be so patient with
see no hatred but this ain’t the bliss or tainted vision
a sp+ce to fit in
a soundscape of the way we living
it’s different

- 1st verse testo

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