1million (cor) – flow testo

attendere prego...

verse 1:
i see them n+ggas now bang bang
you know my n+ggas not gang bang
these p+ssys hate milly want cash
you a p+ssy, hate, this yo wrong game
you like my flow, can’t imitate
“you can’t do it, its a limit chain”
i put your growth on limitate
bro? (2 shots) eliminated
these broke boys, now wanna eat
they hungry g, they wanna eat
was covers now, is a hit, yea it’s me
and that’s my team
i said milly bro can’t f+ck with me
now richie teams want f+ck with me
they know the vibe, i talk ‘bout me
the gangsta lyrics, yo w+nksta sh+t
banana clip for these gangsta sh+t
fancy cars for this gangsta b+tch
i found the way im gon f+ck all these b+tches
you found the way you gon’ pray for these b+tches
pray for my team, and pray for me b+tche
when i’ll die who gon f+ck all these b+tches, so f+ck this, money over this b+tches

hook: x2
flow flow rarri
flow flow lambo
my flow maserati, that sh+t wanna hear tho x2
verse 2:
huh huh a lot of smoke
rip to pop smoke
huh huh another artist got f+cked
low low, another n+gga got robbed
pay attention for these payless
got my n+ggas paied for no stress
need money g, there is no rest
i see no competitors, they flowless
you p+ssy g can’t ride with me
i run my city, stay out of me
these gucci boys, look fancy sh+t
they fans of me so they gangsta b
southside, northside, westside and eastside
if you loyal g you’ll by my side
i dont wanna weed, i need the mic
i work bro, you talk bout hoes
im talkin money, u keep watchin p+rn
herpes on, now watch your clothes
yall make music thats whats goin on
i feel like 50 on candy shop
i feel like meech when i step the club
i feel like banks when my money on
ima hustla boy, now you know the don

hook: x2

- 1million cor testo

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