1lung1leg – s80 testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1 – cory mcatee]
cracks in my cold feet
tomlinson feels warm beneath
the other day you spoke softly
but yesterday you sang to me

[chorus – cory mcatee]
there was a hole in my heart that you couldn’t fill
and i’m sorry we never made out on the hill

[chorus – cory mcatee]
and there was a hole in my throat that i couldn’t feel
and today’s the day you’re gonna learn that it’s real

[refrain – cory mcatee & (jacob smith)]
and i left you standing there (i left you standing there)
oh (with silver) with silver in the air (the air)


i left you stranded there (i left you stranded there)
(oh) the silver in the air (the silver in the air)

i know it’s not fair
the silver in the air

[verse 2 – cory mcatee]
i hope ohio treats you well
track meets / ringing bells
deep down i hope you don’t forget me
you never texted me

- 1lung1leg testo

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