1knaz – 1k testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
so many givenchy
i got the ice on me remember when i had to steal

(lets go)

im young and upcoming and new to this rap sh+t
i feel like the king of the hill


i creep with the monsters and swoop with them goblins
lil n+gga this sh+t can get real


started doing them drugs it turned to a habit
all in the room crushing them pills


wanna move to the east to cop you a steel
kuz n+ggas be out in the field

you can play if you wanna
you can get clapped up, yea
you and your homies get drilled


chris you been a b+tch
you snitched on your brothers what happen to keeping it real?


put that on my brother
been kept it a band
you won’t catch me pleading no deal


if its me and your b+tch its gonna get sticky
went for her neck from a kiss to a hickey

took off her top and she flash me her titty
f+ck loving a b+tch i just want me a quicky


i moved out the hood still give it like ricky
juggin a n+gga with counterfeit 50’s

ripping the glock till the chamber go empty
im cooking it up like morty and ricky

i come to your city
wash through like a tundra

bullets come crashing
like lightning and thunder

sticks on his ass catching
heat like the summer

slide on your plug and
pop out like the plumber


i ain’t going sad
can’t be going under

run up on me put yo ass in a slumber

lining em up like i dialed a number
you knowing who did it
ain’t slide for your brother

bust and lean over
she grabbing the wheel

shoot through the top
used your bro as a shield

done him f+cked up
12 couldn’t reveal

the look on they face
like this sh+t is surreal

b+tch im with sh+ts you know ima sneeze
blow out the sh+t from your hip to the knee

move through the night
b+tch im cool as breeze

if you ain’t packing heat
bet that ass gon freeze

i ball like im kobe
b+tch pass me the glock

you should’ve seen me
when they passed me the rock

giving it out
im the neighborhood doc

17 years i got 12 on the shot

got kicked out of school
then i turned to the pots

stacking my bread
turned my bill into guap

so many bricks
i could build me a shop

if you play with a opp
you get hit with the mop

play with a opp
you get hit in the dome 22’s
come shoot thru home



b+tch im from the bricks
where n+ggas get shot up

up’n the 12
ain’t doing no lock up

- 1knaz testo

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