1dbd – empty, pt. 1 testo

attendere prego...

this song is dedicated to… to everyone out there whos been hurt by someone. and i just want people to know that, im long over it now, this is just my story about what happened to me in the past. i hope you can feel the things i say…

i was only in the 8th grade, rumor had it you were amazing, long blonde hair leave you where your feet stay, had me lost thinking that i was in outer sp-ce. fast forward up to freshman year.. i know everyone thought i was weird, a former homeschooler who didn’t have many peers, trying to get with this girl and face my fears. you were stuck tryna choose a guy, i felt that one day i could treat you right. you picked the bad kid, isn’t that how it always works? nice guys finish last yeah i know it hurts

2 years later and yall broke up, its my junior year, ive grown up. thinking that i had a chance was my choke up, i didn’t know falling in love could get you stuck. i tried to push in and make my way, little did i know it was a game. i would get involved and then i’d be played, like a bouncy ball, had my heart strained

and that night when i looked at you and told you that i loved you, i wish i had never said that maybe it was too soon, even though we weren’t together the things i said were true, every night i slept i dreamed that it was next to you, whyd you shoot? whyd you pull the trigger? im stuck lost wonderin why you chose that f—–, i could’ve given you something so much bigger, now im empty while my hearts thrown down the sh—–

i know that feelin sucks man, bein pushed to the side, d-mn, but you gotta realize you got a full life ahead of you, and you only live once, i made it through, so can you. uh

you wrote me letters telling me how i made you happy, said this time was different you just gotta believe me, in the past that just left me in pity, but silly me id be caught up in envy, wishing that it was the end of me, how id take the back seat, and watch you hook up with your ex and get nasty, sh– was drastically taking a toll on me, had to learn to give up hope stay on my feet, some nights id stay up and cry myself to sleep, knowing this whole time i was used for a scheme, to make your ex jealous, that sh– was so mean, you’d run back to him even after he’d cheat, you kept choosing him, going back for your ex, i know all you really wanted was all the s-x, to post on your timeline how you were so blessed and watch me on the sideline, the spear through my chest, maybe i should finish this out and hear the rest, it just takes a toll on your ears makes you gasp for that breath, tryna absorb all the depth, leave your message on read, so goonight go to bed, get me stuck in your head, just to laugh in the end. (hahaha)

- 1dbd testo

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