1alonely – bonnie testo

attendere prego...

i might go hop in yo b+tch (mmmmm)
i might got hop inna foreign
i cannot f+ck with these b+tches they borin
i cannot f+ck with you hoes y’all horin
i might got hop in a jet
i might go hop in a lake
i might just f+ck that lil b+tch by the lake
i might just buss a fat nut on her face
and that lil b+tch call me daddy
and that lil b+tch call me bae
best believe my lil baby gon say
f+ck with her she ain’t gotta use mase
glock onna side she will buss at ya face
cross her one time you get erased
(no face no case)
me and my b+tch take trips outta state
instead of having s+x we count up this cake
we counting these benjamin’s we counting them frank’s
we don’t f+ck on the bed we f+ck at the bank
i call her my boo she call me her stank
she my everything!!!! she my everything!!!
she my everything!!!! she my everything!!!
and she bad asf she don’t f+ck with no lames
ms independent don’t need no n+gga
sometimes i’m glad i met her
when i’m down she make everything better
i’m the king she my corretta
(mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm)
did the beat go off?
man turn that sh+t back on
i’m taking this sh+t all the way to the moon
you play with me and it’s up like balloons
y’all n+ggas be scared fold like cocoons
pop pop pop pop run like raccoons
i’m surrounded by apes,gorillas,baboons
y’all n+ggas be goofy asf like cartoons
you only die once it’s not looney tunes
i’m f+ckin yo b+tch while watching some tunes

- 1alonely testo

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