1990nowhere – grim mary testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
i don’t feel like going anywhere tonight
keep my shoes on tied, you know where to find me
“if you can be clever, then you must be conscious”
just another line i read on a marquee

oooh ooh, ooh ooh
oooh ooh, ooh

[verse 2]
i don’t feel like leaving my garage today
in the quiet taste, the asbestos is lovely
got a broken heater and a microwave
and hot pockets stains on the ceiling above me

[chorus 1]
i’m so congested, festive all of the time
another backseat driver, toeing the line
ma+ma+ma mary messaged me and said that my hair looks nice
but mary doesn’t know that i might wanna die

oooh ooh, ooh ooh (i’m not)
oooh ooh, ooh

oooh ooh, ooh ooh (i’m not)
oooh ooh, ooh

[verse 3]
pressure to smile is wearing me thin
and the high that i’m chasing is making me winded (ah, ah, ah)
the lows that i feel leave me and my (hopes dead?) (ah, ah, ah)
depression is a demon, my best friend on my death bed

[chorus 2]
i don’t mean that i’ll never be comfy
there’s a chip on my shoulder, on my back there’s a monkey
up against the wall, punching life in the chin
i was born to lose, but when i die i’ll win (i’m just)

oooh ooh, ooh ooh (i’m not)
oooh ooh, ooh

to grim reaper (must be with my mary)
take me under (least it’s nothing new to me)
to the ether (keep on coming after me)
too much, lover (i want to be happy)

to miss mary (must be with my mary)
i’m so sorry (least it’s nothing new to me)
you want to go (keep on coming)
to go somewhere? (i know you’ll be out there)

i want to be happy

oooh ooh, ooh ooh
oooh ooh, ooh

- 1990nowhere testo

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