1804 nld – chinese talk testo

attendere prego...

bring 2 douz n+gga think that is funny

whole lotta rack in the bag like a bunny

pull up broad day then we aim at yo mommy

bullet proof vest pop a lean call me tommy

do a big show put me on the comics

bull sh+t glock on my hip issa story

tryna fight me leave em lost like dory

big ol drip 2 shot like a jèn jan

big jern jewl i got barz like stormzy

big sh+t talk i talk sh+t like im cory

b+tch real pretty witta big ol booty

b+tch be real but b+tch all fruity

b+tch flashin me on the live like im boosie
beat a n+gga ass and i f+ck like im ose

i talk sh+t so call me fose

make a mistake if you think that im poze

4 dead opps i just leave a n+gga gooshy

make a wrong move ima aim at thе tushy

divin in water im divin in sushi

im chinese no im j+panеse

f+ckin on yo b+tch she took of the pantys

big white b+tch she think im adonis

tryna rob me i go talkin like im spanish

sipin baby juice so they callin me danny

b+tch over seas so she callin me papi

kick white b+tches they callin me mbappe
gotta b+tch numba i ain’t even neven fwape

i gotta plate ima zoe ima krazè

- 1804 nld testo

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