17psyche – tulpa testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
i might f+ck my tulpa
beauty isn’t always in the eyes of the beholder
the pineal gland will calcify as you get older
f+ck an angel and a demon
i got god himself on my shoulders
feeling wholeness
when i integrate the essence of compassion in life
and i seal my only fate in the afterlife
nearly every day i wonder, what comes after life?
last time i punched a cone, i was paralyzed

[verse 2]
so many f+cking peoplе tried to use me likе some clip art
cbt, blue screen, if you need to restart
i can feel my conscious and my soul try to depart
i’m tryna f+ck the system, meditation is a key part
i don’t really f+ck with any type of social media
the poor stay needier, the elite get greedier
many men in charge of nations act on pedophilia
i go inside to browse my own akashic records
call that sh+t, 17psychlepedia
anything you want in life, you need to push towards
mental slavery is everywhere, in different forms
your mind is like a f+cking planet, unexplored

- 17psyche testo

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