17azael – amot testo

attendere prego...

burst into atoms and then rejoice do not fear, ( fear)
love is in the air i could approach it so near
shout out to the white boy kyler
i put him onto the trapping he put me onto the rapping
told me hoes ain’t sh+t, they really just a distraction
i could worry about a b+tch or pick the poison that’s money
i’m feeling just like mitch, you not getting sh+t from me
i promise just one brick and you addicted to money
i promise once you’re rich all the jokes you got funny
i remember being broke and my crush used to dub me
now every timе i come around i got b+tches galore
so much p+ssy i’m borеd, leave your emotions at the door cuz i’m not lookin for love
no i ain’t lookin for love
at least i ain’t no more
she took my heart from the store
and then she came back for more
look at my phone and ignore
baby i’m hiding from your love
yeah i’m hiding from your love
hiding from your love
i done found myself
lookin for my weed its on the highest shelf
i knew you was the one but i just couldn’t tell
and i know that you the one got me under a spell
baby when you hear this go head text my phone
tell me when you home, imma come right over
and i know we said we was done but it ain’t done till its over
i love when you call my name, baby can you tell
and i know that you the one got me under a spell
and i really hope we last only time will tell
heart been broken feel like life is h+ll ( feel like i’m in h+ll)
baby imma break it imma break your sh+ll
hiding from your love, i done found myself
promise when this over, imma text your cell
baby come on over i can’t free myself

- 17azael testo

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