15stars! – new chances freestyle! testo

attendere prego...

(verse: thatxvguy)
2 minutes i got, to address this
to go big or not, as the time goes tick tick
wannabes get mad, as i say this
f+cking up the rap game, like i got a big d+ck
shoutout all my homies, that did this
ifeellikeamovie, k!ll bill when i k!ll sh+t
you don’t know me? hi there my name is
michael f+cking david, i feel like a misfit

no zs, night grind go heavy
collect all the ps, as i’m rollin’ rollin’ rollin’
no shaky warrior, i’m ready
man i know myself, nike kicks as i’m ballin’
0161 yeah, wagwan?
shoutout ninjatea, 1000 days, unruly
whole cult13 yeah, wagwan?
jugger+wondagurl, new aftermath, ahlie

shoutout warren, he look greezy
making this sh+t look so easy
shoutout niki, she be lovely
vintage vibes, i feel chilly
on the beat, i be so artsy
done made it by myself really
n+kay with me, he be my g
got big business, that my bb
last time i did wasn’t litty
then a lifesaver come save me
he got the stuff, he got many
turn me into the better me
not i got better things waiting
thank the lifesaver gratefully
i got the flow and the cadence
righting my rights as an artist

(hook) (4x)
getting new chances, i need it
losin’ some friends, i foresee it
with my own hands, i done did it
puttin’ my life on it, i believe it

- 15stars testo

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