156/silence – taste of ashes testo

attendere prego...

love, blood, trust
all the same. none of it matters
tell me i’m wrong
brushing off it’s all i have ever needed
anguish constantly crawls inside deceiving
all the volumes on the wall offer nothing. burn them with the passion
i’ve evolved to withstand this with confidence

i’ll never forgive myself for letting this get in my thoughts as the loss spreads over paths i cross
as if these things disappear with time
why should i explain myself if all you do is change the subject?
all you do is reign disgust and why don’t just give it up?
your feelings are irrelevant. i hope you fix the mess before you face your final fault

i stare at the wall waiting for the meaning
waiting for the strength to withstand the days weaning
prophecy of nothing, why are you delaying this?
have your way and wash my days away like all the stains you missed ‘cause i don’t feel the sorrow
i don’t know the meaning. i will not be bothered by your weaknesses or feelings
f+ck a new tomorrow. my camaraderie is fleeing
i have watched myself turn into this abandonment. defeated, i am gone

i try but i can’t help myself. i can’t seem to pass over these conflicts that arose to existence
i’ll cry for assistance. they’ll never answer
my discomfort only strengthened as time was persistent. i know i got what i deserved
i restrain my instinct to be violent
constant shame above me, i endure
following nothing as i am hurdled. i will sink, i will burn to the core
i restrain, i restrain my intentions. all with hate, all in vain. i implore
i restrain, i restrain my obsessions
all misplaced, all disgraced
don’t disturb

- 156silence testo

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