156/silence – lost visual testo

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you’ll never say my name in solacement
it’s all paranoia infested in my brain. i wish i could reject this interior pain

i brace, i crawl. i pace, i fall
it’s all i won’t ever fail at. i’ve never been worse off
i race my clocks. i chase my thoughts with all of this lovely poison
i’ll never get enough
f+cked up all of this life. i just repeat with no sense of direction
f+cked up, i won’t deny. i plea for calmness. i plea for composure

it’s always floating up above my head. i pick the pieces up to throw them away
it festers onward with the pressuring
i feel the thunder underneath my skin

please don’t look now. i’m servile to ghosts around me
i feel like a prisoner. i profess my disgust with those around me
i’ll never believe in anyone but myself. i press my luck with every decision
i can’t stand this for much longer than i should
i could break away from all of this and (free from) what?

constantly crashing on my head
confusing all of this again
what is happening? i have only my grief
you’ll never say my name in solacement

- 156silence testo

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