156/silence – denouement testo

attendere prego...

they bother me. all of these thoughts enter in
my amity faltered and rusted with chains. i’m far from okay. i just deteriorate into these lies
i’ve tried convincing my mind i’m alright but the time healed nothing like i was foretold it would mend me inside
guess i’ll writhe in my sh+ll. i take the first he+rs+ straight to h+ll
don’t you cry when the bell rings at the cemetery funeral

you’ll be fine, i know
don’t think of me when things are low
i deserve fire and brimstone as my casket and for my throne

distressed, it seeks for the veins
from under flesh, this awaits me to break from pain with a blade to my wrists
on my grave, i hope you p+ss upon the memories you received and don’t you wish for me to be at ease or in peace
destructive tendencies delivered me to this place
a flood of entropy to permeate through my brain and i just take it. i let decadence have the say. carrying me to waste

they bother me. all of these thoughts enter in
i can sense a coming end enclosing on me. seducing, the noose l+stfully caught my eye
with a gaze, i contemplate sealing fate
this depression is severing all of my aspirations to attain a life of happiness and leave without the shame that burdens me with lack of confidence and hatred
i disdain the way pain plays such a part in this, deterring me a way to carry on

- 156silence testo

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