156/silence – by a thread – i suspend testo

attendere prego...

f+ck what you seem to recall. go back to sleep
ill intentions call me by my first name

honesty’s deported, everything’s unsorted. i can’t pretend anything’s on course. i fail myself
looking back i forced this on myself. remorse is all that i have kept despite the corpses in my mind
i just suspend

still withering in this ruin
i forgot to mention that i’ve lost all interest in rebuilding peace
all false idols never know the cost of what you do. you’ll always just be full of f+cking sh+t
by a thread, i’m still suspending up
i just wonder, am i moving on?

still, i’m suspending on the chord i should have cut before with all of my defiling traits i showed to all of the world
wishing i could curse this off one someone worse
i wonder if i’ll end up as the first to parish all for nothing but this
i’m crippled with this sense of regret

time after time, i just can’t f+cking stress enough that the blood in me boiled
i fought it off, following nothing. i felt the cut
don’t you f+cking forget it you c+nt

gasping for air but it won’t fill my f+cking lungs
still i won’t beg for abetment. failing to learn, failing to express myself
you just watch off in the background

- 156silence testo

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