1522 – end testo

attendere prego...

verse 1

i’m at peace²
you stay on my mind when my heart bleeds
you’re the only love that my soul needs
only good thing that my eyes see
deep end i swim to you in all seas
i won’t let you fall to your knees
flow with me on the same stream
share with me all of my dreams

now breathe²
let my faith be your pillar
let me be a breeze²
see me when you look in the mirror
this love is not of the same breed
it comes with patience no greed
don’t approach with the same mindset i plead
it ain’t looking to destroy, or to hurt take note please

time tells a story
let me wake to your smile when i’m 40
guide me into never saying i’m sorry
good times and grieve man i’m all for it
hold my hand on this way forward
me, you and the trust suited for war
i can’t elevate alone leave you on the floor
this is just another path to another door

let me serve my purpose in your life i know a few have had a chance
let me let you in on my intentions in advance
draw you from the crowd and give you honour with a dance
i’m all i can offer i don’t got a castle or a condo in france
focus on the bigger picture zoom in to enhance
the love i never once had let’s walk the distance leave our footprints in the sand

(you know when i walk into the studio, i stand behind the mic i realise that, i’m not doing this music for anyone else, you’re the thought before i stand behind the mic you’re the thought after, i stand on the mic, you’re actually the motivation for this, so listen up)

verse 2


i love being yours this is it
the feeling is mutual and when you’re alone you stare at the mirror like all this is his
my private obsession
give a little more i’ll show more comp-ssion
i have no reason to hurt you
reasons put aside i don’t want to
haunting as it is i don’t wanna let you down

cause i’ve run my fingers across your face
i wish the universe would grant me power to touch your soul and restore your faith
let’s run in the night sky at your own pace
let it be you and i against them in this race
empty all the oceans in search for the tears (you lost)
this is one of my fears don’t wanna see you loving someone else, eyy

but i’m human
i have flaws
it keeps me up in the dark every night i toss
throughout all my problems you have never been the cause
i love the imperfections that are part of the package
all the insecurities that make up a baggage
they’re perfect
cause through them
i reveal my intentions
all the l love i wanna give not to mention the affection
so come build with me²
walk up on the podium take a stand with me
and i swear that the music is a language that i’ve come to embrace so i hope you understanding me
melony’s melody stay your remedy
if your heart is still suffocating i’m here to let it breathe
the end is near so let’s leap²

i need to sleep, i’m tired of my grief, and i’d like you, to love me, to love me, to love me… this is the night…

- 1522 testo

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