1522 – 10 at a piece testo

attendere prego...

verse 1 (no hook)

i can’t lie (yah)
it’s hard for me to read between the lines
i really wanna know what’s on the other side
pity boy can’t know with out dying
pretty boy gotta make it or die trying
can i tell the truth without lying?
honest opinion and not hide
longest thought to ever hit my mind
so i swerve it east then drive
60 on the black c0ke
fifty digits for a code
lemme say a few fore i choke

i see you
stay on your work homie do you
the ride was just a little preview
a peak at the future of the new school
you never came short in the long run
man you tell it like it is and never how it was
when you have a good heart this is what it does
you really pulled though with the motivation
all that you are you are deserves recognition
you might just be a hood prince with enough good will on your plate you could serve a nation
you could save relations and build connections
soul protection and mind collection
now i fill a page along side you now who knew
i knew

and phantom
i liked you better when you were cj
the was the real you and i pray
you go back to your roots and you never change
cause you’re sitting on all you can be
you could be better than me
cause you’re more of a believer than me
i liked the feeling of you believing in me
but the joint you keep rolling is your only enemy
you let it drain out all your energy
but you’ve played a big part i’ll never forget you
in fact when i make it i’ll come back and get you
i swear

10 at piece

to butchtherider
i don’t even gotta say much
you boosted my glow with your touch
adrenaline pumping i’m feeling the rush
your silence is pinning my mind to a halt
why am i letting you sleep in this music with so much of havoc to cause!?
when the money starts making a difference you’re sitting on top of the list of the people i’ll call
i’ll wait for you if you asked me have to i’ll look at the progress and stall

shanti (hmmmmmm)
ama go ahead and keep it real with you
you really messed up with a thing or two
you should’ve never let love fool you
you and yonce should learn to
acknowledge your worth without having to feel it from some dude
i blame it on all of the phases you go through
but i love you both you girls feeling me?
never turn your back on family
you and your mother long for inner peace
the key is closure when will you see?
should’ve kept what you had in 2015
dee was your plug and you looked up to lee… and me
eyyyyy mention a n-gga i know

known that n-gga for 10 years
i’m planning to know him for 10 more
at peace is where your soul belongs
that sh-t can be found in my songs
cause you’re more just a friend a partner in spirit a brother to me and a pioneer
always pulled me back when you saw a fire near
we struggled together to make it here
with all of the love, the peace, the hustle leading us forward to seeing ourselves filling the sp-ces in all of these shelfs
im taking you with you’re my ghost in a sh-ll

let me end it with a
note to self
you got a torch for this life shine the light on yourself
find a place in the struggle let this music get you out
you gotta want it from a mile away be greedy just to get it
but don’t be greedy when its yours
seek for friendship that endures
whatever is given is taken somehow
however you’re driven protect it somehow
appreciate what you have now

like melony
a goddess to your soul
the cure to this rage with in her heart i feel at home
a mind like mine should never be alone
hence she finds a way to keep me whole
she got dreams and ambitions and i’d like to see them through
that’s why i don’t rest cause she’s gotta find a reason to be happy too
she can’t shedding tears from me
forever devoted to me

- 1522 testo

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