150lated – change4u testo

attendere prego...

is that a tracstar beat?

[lil soda boi]

i’m trying to be the best person i can be, but it’s hard to leave behind the old me
it’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard, to leave
i’m looking at the stars, wishing you were with me


i can’t look back, no
i was in the background
suicide [?]
just so i can move on, just so i can move on

[lil yu]

just so i can move on, i’m crying in my covers
and i ate a xanax, you make it hurt too much
you said that you loved me, i guess you are a liar
i would do anything, [?] burning like a fire
lately i been so sick from getting too lit
i’ve been throwing up every morning
baby i need you, i like pouring up tech when i feel blue
i would go anywhere just to see you
want your touch on mе, so see through

yea, i tried to change for you
now my hеart broke, might crash the coupe
every night in bed i thought of you
tell me baby did you think of me too?
no, said you loved me and never let go
then you played my heart just like a fool
blame yourself for the drugs in my body
can’t feel sh+t the way that you guide me
i miss you baby, tried to change but it drove me crazy
i miss you baby, tried to change but it drove me crazy

- 150lated testo

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