1476 – to reveal the shadow self testo

attendere prego...

it’s martyrdom’s face that you bleed
but when time, the holy unmasker
draws back the sheet
you’re just a shadow of your blinding greed

like a p+wn or a shame+filled adam
you follow your eve
all is bearing down upon you
the unforgiving rain in your soul

and when your sky is falling
there’s nowhere safe you can go
we block out all light when we grieve
we wallow in storm clouds that thunder through skies with deceit

just let go and fall from them free
and, soon, when you gaze up
it’ll only be blue skies you see

dark were the dead city streets
when the angel of light hemmed you down
all truth is before you to see
wear its horror and glory+golden crown

- 1476 testo

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