1476 – the nightside testo

attendere prego...

awake in the dark
tremble before the regal angel death
hide behind forced open eyes
a magnificence that serves to remind
we’ve let too many years slip by
the sorrow song of the lark
the lonely river’s twilight drone
the willow weeping in the dark
lament the dead in the great unknown

it’s something to admire
the way you let go so еasily
but me, i’m still afraid to die
and if i’ve еver spoken otherwise
it was all blind hubris and fear+filled lies
the distant chatter of a television
the rhythmic ringing of an unanswered phone

the humming freezer in the kitchen
herald you to the great unknown
becoming one with the static
a whitest noise
last am transmission to send you
into the void
i pray peace awaits us there
where nightside moons rejoice

- 1476 testo

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