14 trapdoors – mitosis testo

attendere prego...

i bought a zip so i can smoke for free
now all this sh-ts how it’s supposed to be
i’m out here thrivin’
now there’s chem trails in the f-ckin’ sky
and now i think imma f-ckin’ die
i’m out here thrivin’

i’m out here thrivin’
i’m changin’ the climate
need a piece of the pie
so i see then i conquer, won’t sleep off the blanca
for no reason i’m high
f-ck you mean play it cautious, at peace with my conscience
don’t believe in your jargon
i dabble in toxins
and i see all these humans
and they trapped in these boxes
so i’m out here movin’
all i do is thrive at night, i get too drunk to drive then go fly a kite
these women wanna ride my bike
as long as i don’t die tonight, sh-t i’m alright cuz

i’m out here thrivin’ (x11)

wouldn’t have it any other way
go dancin’ with the devil like every other day
romancin’ under sheets getting messy on her face
ugh, i look like steve buscemi off the ‘cain
ugh, now i’m lookin’ sketchy in a cape

sh-t, livin large in a little -ss room
and i’m often outta touch cuz i’m driftin past moons
and i’m off a lot of substances, i’m sinnin’ past noon
sh-t i got’em in abundance like its christmas mad soon, sh-t!

mischievous i’m on a mission
secret encryption on my wish list
i only f-ck with women got no patience for you b-tches
call yo god and put him outta business
seven-sixteen (716) be the calling card
smoke fat dutches filled with mardi gras
pardon y’all, i hardly party dog
but molly in the water is gnarly dog
i’m thizzin’ from the smarties y’all
serotonin drippin’ out the fountain
smokin’ better than what marley bought
f-ck it, ugh, i’m out here thrivin’

i’m out here thrivin’ (x11)

- 14 trapdoors testo

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