13106 – spaceship testo

attendere prego...

like a cop, you just a p+ssy, with a gun, you just a fake
if i have to catch a body, imma do it
you’ll hesitate
that boy, really thinks he gangsta
we all know you just a snake
she got a, pink glock, on her body
b+tch you know that sh+t ain’t fake

hollow tips, they coming for you
heard you talking sh+t
you a broke boy we all know you just a snitch
told my mom, i ain’t gon be no bum, girl i’m gon be rich
need that money, imma get me some
ain’t no lazy b+tch

all these rappers, actors, fake ass little b+tches
you be out here, chasing thottys, 131 we chasin riches

i’m tryna get a mansion
with a nice view, of the the beach

b+tch i’m,smoking on that exotic , hoe you know that sh+t was cheap

on somе elon musk sh+t, b+tch i’m tryna buy a sp+ce ship
f+ck on yo hoe p+ssy, that girl fine, finna gapе it
rappers flexing plays, they some bots, n+ggas fakers
shoot you up, for talking, leave you 6 feet deep, for sayin sh+t


we gon run up on you p+ssy n+ggas, spray you b+tches
only wit my real n+ggas, no i can’t wit non you snitches
talking all this fake sh+t, b+tch i see right through you n+ggas

selling all these farmaprams, got them hoes form mexico
you boys jus some bums, selling crack in front a texaco
sell that sh+t to kids, imma run up on you, slit yo throat

i’d die for my family, ain’t no coward, momma raised a g
never f+cked wit school, got expelled, got my ged

uncle tonny, instatusionalized
orlando sentence got extended
the jail, wouldn’t let me visit him
government some b+tches

these. n+ggas steady cracked out
on internet sh+t they simpin
131 until i diee
you gon regret it if you ain’t wit use

- 13106 testo

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