12omo – words on my mind testo

attendere prego...


birth & prayer


i am not your enemy go and stand in the mirror
but if it’s do or die, then i a contract k!ller
will do, until it’s done
never lose a free lesson for a win
that’s truly dumb, you are 2 until you’re 1
i figured i could be on these streets
with some counterparts
or i could kick the snare out a beat
and tend to these bars
bartender pullin pints
pouring words into your mind
two heads better than one, think twice
and it’s just black n white
when i cross her path
she takes off ze+bra
i look left then right
double trouble
that’s also what happens
when you upgrade the hustle
you know more money
more problems
no biggie… no biggie
still blessed that we got them
give the lord a ring
i got the precious that golem
i remember corn beef and rice for dinner
and when you have no other choice
that sh+t ain’t nice my n+gga
rocking u s brass man i prayed for some kickers
in the meantime i just played with that spanner
one day i got em courtesy of moms two jobs and nana
next day at school i really felt like i was the man in the manor
so thank you for that
and for everything else
wish you could get a bafta
for your dad performance as well
cuz playing so many roles can’t be easy
i wasn’t naughty but i was most definitely cheeky
handsome young rapscallion high chested
but a child needs their father and today that sh+ts evident
still working that out
but bare with me
i survived thus far
just having you there with me
not quite a christian but i had my christening
hope the lord protect me from this crooked system
‪the devil wears prada‬ so is god in saint laurent
daily moncler on my arm i need a true religion
false idols
i ain’t tryna worship
tryna write these verses
tryna live my purpose
hoping it ain’t one of mine that’s next
up in them he+rs+s
tryna make my product
priceless just to make it worth it
but i don’t care how much money you can make
even if i sold my tongue
still couldn’t buy my taste
this level of royalty just in my dna
bury me in d&g when i’m dead & gone
to the grave
i think it’s safe to say
i lost some friends it’s just not the same
still wish you well there’s not an ounce of hate
i don’t drink so i can’t drown my pain
they say it’s sink or swim
but will they spot if i
row my boat down the stream through that tidal wave
i make a keyboard warrior feel some type a way
i’m tryna make my life better
live a better life
i ain’t got time for these side steppers
better step aside
even in my sliders at the park i couldn’t let it slide
and if the chains loose those 2 circles will never ride
that’s a dead cycle
k!ll em with the faith
that’s a led bible
and even if you say you won’t
chances are i don’t believe you
‘cause people dishonest
i’ve watched people lose their life
for the sake of promise
as tight as
wallace and gromit
get snaked for the profit
the kitty could be outta this world
im scared to comet
i need sp+ce
i need atmosphere
and at most, fear
ends where the unknown is clear
in other words i fear no man
take a walk in my krept
i’m as barbaric as mmm
you already know
i’m like su and mo together
yeah that heavy bro
my initials r e d
guess i was born ready yo
tryna target that radio
sleepin on my songs
then you mistajam
through your stereo
i don’t care who wanna go
but i’m a go next
fashion spitter
that’s a whole designer shoe on your neck
been there done that
bought and flipped the rolex
know what i’m on
man i’m calm + wanna hit the show next
this a different level
if you talkin fish then this a different kettle
i ain’t ya x man i’m a different bloke
went to her drum and
gave her different strokes
then k!lled her with some different jokes
mi mek she feel like she deh back ah school
di gyal ah giggle an ah hack a fool
but that’s the affect of this rappers cool
building but i ain’t gotta pack a tool
smoother than the finest silks
these fibres wasn’t made in china still
i’m different cloth to them guys for real

- 12omo testo

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