12omo – words off my chest testo

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let me get these words off my chest
doubted myself so long
i don’t think there’s any doubt in me left
couldn’t tell when last i seen my dad
big man now so i’m past that sad
past that pain yeah i’m past that stage
own one now i gotta raise
0121 that’s where i stayed
sometimes i often wonder what
would have been if i went through and moved that day
would i still be who i am today
would i be here at the top, toupé
or would i still be bouncing along
i ain’t wayne but i wonder if i’m wrong
will i ever get them singing along
will i produce those top 10 songs
will i ever do them sold out arenas
will i ever make it in time for my mom
’cause for my nan i was too late
i was driving back from a gig
in manny no way can’t forget that day
mom rang me told me, mone don’t go home go striaght to the hospital
trying not to think of the worst
but it’s a gift and a curse knowing anything’s possible
now i’m main road racin’ tryin not to crash
mind’s doing 60, same on the dash
i get here and the fam just look
at me, now my heart just shook
big c took a hold of my g
best believe i’m battered (f+ck cancer)
never cried so hard in my life
eyes were shattered tired and knackered
broken a man
pushed so many things aside
to the back of my mind
i have not made a plan
but i know one day i’ll have to address them
do this for me i don’t have to impress them
smooth to the t lord have no weapon
formed against me here nor heaven
’cause i’m d m c like rev run
oi look
man on a mission
i ain’t asked for forgiveness
nor have i asked for permission
i ghost on my folks for the vision
in hopes i return with the wisdom
some times i’m battling demons
fighting issues, d+mn i’m human
i gotta show + that’s trueman
girls wanna do man, old and new
man i’m calm though
moretime there’s no sp+ce on my arms so
heart on my sleeve oh please
the garms them bl++dy
like christian louboutin made these
on my runway st++z
[skit interruption]


tell the truth i just wanna
make you proud of my actions
that’s why it’s lights camera action
on all of my actions
this ain’t no act though
don’t compare me to them they shot crack on backroads
each to their own, but i’m me
judge me for me
disregard any opinion
looks ain’t nothing
look i know i look stunning
but youths must know
there’s more than ching and dip and dash and
circulate opp block and splash
more than goin ot for cash
more than jail
we’ve got our own 30 under 30 as well
but unlike forbes, ours is death not success
but i’m a leave the preachin’
observation of the street thing
if seeing is believing
everybody must be street kings
but all that dances ain’t diamonds
do your thing don’t watch my man
told you before we don’t by bull
girl do your ting it’s so vital
’cause this life thing ain’t easy
it’s easy to spiral
if life was a book what’re you calling the title
love to my circle but i’m tired for the cycle
the devil’s at work ’cause the hands dem idle
so we gotta fix up
still haunts me that day with j
still haunts me that day with big cuz
promised myself never again
’cause i’m sick of this hyper masculinity sh+t, blood
don’t look at me, don’t approach me
the vibe is off the vibe is phoney
i’m not ya friend i’m not ya homie
don’t talk for me you hardly know me
at this stage, i don’t even want you to show me
cut loose, bun up the bridge
on the flip side, i’m sorry for anything i did
to anyone i genuinely care for
i’m better with rhymes than speaking words
so check the music i might share more
passionate, so i might swear more
to my folks i’m a try be there more
words off my chest
doubted myself
so much ain’t no d+mn doubt in me left
been away like i rid a bird
so it’s only right i flew the nest
finesse that stress
roch said rome’s you’ve got a glow
i guess that’s my new angel that’s bless
natty said this thing is yours and it always was
so go manifest

[optimistic skit]

[take a rest skit]

[a brief word skit]

- 12omo testo

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