12omo – smooth testo

attendere prego...


i do my ting and that’s big facts
no stylist when i did that
the t’s unknown and they dig dat
she a new lg
see the curve from the front
and old lg with the big back
she flex big drip not misspap
you were misguided that’s a mishap
ex girl want closure, fix ya wig ya cap
did he just say that
no he didn’t
could have a beat
but i didn’t
real life prestige on the riddim
every girl can’t say that they’ve ridden
and no we don’t leak nudes that’s a given, forbidden
happy life is a private life
if it don’t concern you that stays hidden
some days look like a baller
some days look like a dealer
other days look like a fraudster
tell you the truth i’m neither
either i’m between angeline or angelina
twins… see this grin
if only you knew where i been
don’t kiss n tell
but can tell you i win
no logos
they don’t know what it is
i don’t buy for the name
man i buy for the fit
when your girl come round
might buy it for ya b+tch
joke i ain’t gotta spend to hit
likes man, that’s why she done what she did
she back it up on the mic she my hype man
i can, tell she wanna ride for the kid
so better you look after your wife fam
manna man a fashion k!ller with bare styley
don’t leave ya girl roun me
she’s bare smiley
man a joker might poke’r won’t wifey
slip in the yaaard n slip her outta her nighty
leave her head spinning around
and call her kylie
and now all of her friends dem waan come by me
um um
tryna focus
cuz my bear cub
needs to be a millionaire before
12 come
hot bwoy, mi nuh regular
tired of tellin eleanor
nuh fi ring arf mi cellular
mad ’cause i don’t bell her back
but she loves attention from any man
a’yo i’m dying to tell her that
but can’t be +rs+d with the argument
swear i got a dm from her friend n that
she went ikea , said she wants help to put up the bed n that
but i wouldn’t lay my head in that

- 12omo testo

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