12omo – rapson interlude testo

attendere prego...


‪paid my unearned respects now i bounce ‬
‪cheque if you like, i’ve no interest‬ in the amount
talk is cheap ‘til i invest in my mouth ‬
‪think before i speak now that’s a goldmind
yours bronze mine gold,‬ corrected goldmine‬
‪just know the price at least doubled if i sold mine‬
‪they should watch less‬ they’d be gone in no time ‬
show boats showing off with nothing to show for it
when it’s show time
oh my… who went and p+ssed him off
my taste plain jane but my g act like his wrist is hot
clarity… very very slightly
membership benefits very very pricey
are you gold or just gold plated
as pure as that 750 cattier bracelet
that bangle
switch the angle
and the camera placement
view a winner in 4k
go for dinner, how that salmon tasting?
now get girlie the black cod
better say my name when you’re talkin bout rap god’s
if we change the rate you’re out the frame and your actions
slow mo 240 + render the b+st+rd
looking for the fruits of my labour
must be a passion fruit
funny how the audience love you
and still they clap you…
could make you paranoid
if i take a leap of faith
then god be my parachute
i’m not a road rapper
but i’ve rapped on the roads
some of my friends wrap too
but all of theirs have been sold
4 tyres putting mileage on the run
and sentence under the seat
cah mommy can’t lose ar big son
and mind your mouth around certain people
everything ain’t for everyone them man n+ggas evil
they’ll get f(v)olks in a wagon n treat you like a beetle
step on it, wreck your polo, i ain’t talkin’ vehicles
all white no hype when they cs (see us)
visual, they see the drive and wanna prius
i don’t blame you if i were you i’d wanna be us
and the women yeah they love me no down payment
when they free up
christian but she said she want the d ior
monogram lv, sands by the sea sure
agent provocateur covering the double d’s
the bags not birkin, she’ll settle for the double c
double t, tt + yeah i’m audi
and a black man winning
elevate from where you found me
of course ah
levelled up loads since the corsa
probably make mercedes benz over
the porsche
but won’t force her
we don’t to do that
if you’re bout talking bars
then yeah we do rap
all them n+ggas is rats
so yeah we do trap

these ladies love 2 hump
i call them camels
pick em up wring em up
they some flannels
mmm no you can’t talk to me
talk is cheap but that sh+t sure ain’t free

- 12omo testo

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